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I need to learn how to love tomatoes!

Because all the pictures of them look SO TASTY lol


Hoping to go to the gym today. I’m so tired from the weekend still. o.0

On a good note my boyfriend might be coming home tonight :)

So this week has been super crazy and busy for me. I’m trying to set up a garage sale with two of my girl friends PLUS i had a photo shoot last night. So all in all i haven’t been able to go to the gym :( PLUSSSSSSSSSSS PLUSSSS my stupid gym is CLOSED from wednesday until Sunday. Which is a major piss off because the only other one that is the next closest is not that close at all, like down town lol.

Anyways next week will be a new week and you bet your ass i’ll be headed to the gym. I have the garage sale saturday, then heading out to the lake w/ the boyfriend . andthen back on sunday morning to go back to the garage sale, finish up and then heading to grand prix with the boyfriend and his work and we get to do everything for FREE! wooot!
can’t wait to go on the go carts for free like 20 times hah going to be great :)